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Antennas Direct HDTV OTA Over tha Air Antennas and Pre-amps Antennas Direct is a St Louis ,US company dedicated to bringing the best of class products for O.T.A. (over the air). They manufacture a range of indoor and outdoor antennas suited for receiving an over the air digital signal to enable you to capture far away towers and receive a crystal clear digital picture and even breath taking HD signals using a HD Antenna.

Antenna Direct DB2e Extended Range HD TV Antenna

Antennas Direct DB2e Extended Range Ultra long range high gain HDTV Antenna in Canada
Antennas Direct have again invested in their newest design Antenna. If the clearstream technology was not shocking enough! No other antenna manufacturer has done any significant research and development into antenna technology and it has remained stagnant for over 30 years. The C2 out performs and comes in the same class as a 4 bay antenna and now Antennas direct have come out with a new revolutionary twist and design to older technology. This sweet small designed 2 bay bowtie HDTV Antenna outperforms a channel master 4221HD, Antennas Direct DB2e vs Channel master 4221HD reviewed and tested to be better than a channel master 4-bay HDTV antenna. An Antennas direct DB2e extended range HD TV antenna Vs a Channel master 4221HD gives the same distance, same beamwidth but a higher long range gain on UHF frequencies. Making this HD TV antenna suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to its ultra compact design and closed loop dipole technology makes this Antennas direct DB2e a clear winner once agian. Antennas direct continue to outperform making the best reviewed and used HDTV Antennas in the marketplace today.

Most engineers said it couldn’t or wouldn’t be done, but Antennas Direct® has proven them wrong with the reinvention of the company’s bowtie antennas, the DBe line. Even though this type of antenna technology has not seen a significant advancement in 30 years, Antennas Direct® has once again taken a legacy antenna design and transformed it into a new, disruptive technology for today’s changing TV audience. The new Antennas Direct DB2e Extended range Long range, ultra high gain UHF HD TV antenna offers twice the power and half the size - making it ideal for indoor, outdoor or attic mounting.

The DB2e antenna has 3X the power in a compact size! This antenna is great for problematic areas challenged with receiving signals through heavy foliage outdoors.

The DB2e Long Range multi-directional antenna utilizes the latest advancements from the Antennas Direct design lab. This breakthrough technology is smaller and more powerful, while it delivers twice the power of legacy bowtie antennas. In a compact 16" x 23" form, the Antennas Direct DB2e is the first broadcast antenna without the performance compromises. The DB2e offers reliable reception from widely spaced broadcast towers without the need for rotation. Using aluminum and steel, DB2e antennas are engineered for strength and durability.

•Range: Up to 45+ miles
•Peak gain: 12 dBi
•Front to back ratio greater than 18 dBi
•Strong performance across DTV spectrum
•All weather Balun included
•Flexible aiming characteristics, 60° beam-width
•Indoor, outdoor and attic use

Lifetime Warranty


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