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Antennas Direct HDTV OTA Over tha Air Antennas and Pre-amps Antennas Direct is a St Louis ,US company dedicated to bringing the best of class products for O.T.A. (over the air). They manufacture a range of indoor and outdoor antennas suited for receiving an over the air digital signal to enable you to capture far away towers and receive a crystal clear digital picture and even breath taking HD signals using a HD Antenna.
Save and Replay are Canadian Antennas Direct Distributors in Canada for all Antennas Direct HDTV Antenna products, We Distribute all Antennas DIrect products to dealers and other retailers in Canada. We also have a retail store and showroom in the Toronto GTA Mississauga, where we have on display all the Antennas Direct product lines so our Canadian customers can see what the Antennas direct HDTV antennas look like. We display the Antennas Direct DB8e, Antennas Direct DB4e, Antennas Direct DB8, Antennas Direct Clearstream 2V (C2-V-CJM) and the Antennas Direct Clearstream C4-V-CJM. These are all great outdoor HDTV Antennas from Antennas direct. We also display the indoor antennas like the Antennas Direct Clearstream 1 C1C (Convertible), Antennas Direct Micron XG Amped and the Antennas Direct Clearstream Eclipse. Also in Stock in Canada at our retail store we have the Antennas Direct Clearstream Juice preamplifer and various mounting hardware from Antennas Direct. We specialize in helping our customers that walk in to our store by looking up their location discussing the best place to mount a HDTV Antenna and selecting the best Antennas Direct HDTV Antenna for your sepcific location depending on the number of TV's you are splitting your signal to. We also help thousands of Canadian customers over the phone and via email in selecting the best Antennas direct HDTV antenna for their needs.

Antennas Direct Indoor Antenna's

Antennas Direct Clearstream C1C Antennas Direct Clearstream Eclipse
Antennas Direct Clearstream C1C convertable Indoor / Outdoor Antenna
Antennas Direct Cleastream 1 (C1C) convertable antenna. Can be used indoors as shown above. Can also attach back reflector for an outdoor install.
Antennas Direct C1C Clearstream 1 convertable HD antenna
Antennas Direct Clearstream Eclipse
Antennas Direct Clearstream Eclipse indoor antenna with sure grip technology sticks to window or a wall. Amplified antenna with a 50 mile range
Antennas Direct clearstream eclipse amplified indoor HD antenna
Antennas Direct Micron XG amped Antennas Direct Clearstream C2-V-CJM
Antennas Direct Micron XG amplifed indoor HD Antenna
Antennas Direct Micron XG amplifed indoor antenna, variable gain amplification designed to receive Over the air signals for an indoor application
Antennas Direct Micron XG amplified HD antenna
Antennas Direct Clearstream C2-V-CJM
Antennas Direct Clearstream 2-V (C2-V-CJM) indoor / outdoor antenna. UHF and high VHF antenna with mount. 50+ mile rated antenna and very compact.
Antennas Direct Clearstream 2-V (C2-V-CJM)  HD antenna

Antennas Direct Outdoor Antenna's
Antennas Direct DB2e Antennas Direct DB4e
Antennas Direct DB2e extended Range Antenna
Antennas Direct DB2e 2 bay extended range UHF HD Antenna. 45 Miles range. This antenna will outperform the competitions 4 bay antennas.
Antennas Direct DB2e extended range HD antenna
Antennas Direct DB4e extended range antenna
Antennas Direct DB4e extended range 4 bay antenna. 60+ miles will outperform the competitions 8 bay antennas in gain with the same distance.
 Antennas Direct DB4e extended range 4 bay HD antenna
Antennas Direct DB8 Antennas Direct DB8e
Antennas Direct Db8 traditional 8 bay antenna UHF
Antennas Direct DB8 the traditional 8 bay antenna for UHF over the air signals. deep fringe and high gain
Antennas Direct DB8 traditional 8 bay UHF HD antenna
Antennas Direct DB8e extended range 8 bay antenna
Antennas Direct DB8e extended range 8 bay bowtie antenna. The worlds most powerful 8 bay antenna. With the ability to point in two directions.
Antennas Direct DB8e Extended range 8 Bay HD antenna
Antennas Direct Clearsteam C2-V-CJM Antennas Direct Clearstream C4-V-CJM
Antennas Direct Clearsteam 2-V C2-V-CJM with mount
Antennas Direct Clearstream C2-V (C2-V-CJM) indoor or outdoor antenna outperforms the competition 4 bay antenna with an extremely wide beam width. UHF and VHF HD Antenna comes with j-pole mount.
Antennas Direct Clearstream 2-V Indoor or outdoor UHF / VHF HD antenna
Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 C4-V-CJM with mount and VHF dipole UHF / VHF Antenna
Antennas DIrect Clearstream C4-V (C4-V-CJM) comes with antennas direct slimline J-pole. 65+ miles long range with VHF and UHF
 Antennas Direct Clearstream 4-V with J-pole mount HD antenna
Antennas Direct 91xg Antennas Direct C5
Antennas Direct 91XG Yagi Antenna for HDTV
Antennas Direct 91XG Yagi style deep fringe 16.7dB gain for UHF over the air (OTA) HD Antenna reception.
Antennas Direct 91XG Yagi HD antenna
Antennas Direct Clearstream 5 C5 high VHF antenna
Antennas Direct Clearstream 5 (C5) High VHF antenna 65+ miles designed to pick up high VHF only digital over the air signals.
Antennas Direct Clearstream 5 C5 high VHF HD antenna
Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 (C4) Antennas Direct VHF / UHF Retro fit Kit
Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 C4 HD antenna for over the air
Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 (C4) UHF long range compact HD antenna for over the air digital HD reception
Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 (C4) HD antenna
Antennas Direct VHF RetroFit Kit
Antennas Direct VHF RetroFit Kit, makes and UHF only HD Antenna into a UHF / VHF antenna with built in VHF / UHF combiner solves the Toronto GTA CTV problem
Antennas Direct VHF RetroFit VHF HD antenna Kit

Antennas Direct Amplifers

Antennas Direct Juice Preamp  
Antennas Direct Juice Pre-amp Preamp
Antennas Direct Juice Preamplifier with over load resistance mast mounted with internal power supply. 19Db gain preamp
Antennas Direct Juice Preamp

Other Accessories

Antennas Direct Variable Attenuator  
Antennas Direct Variable Attenuator
For those living very close to broadcast towers, problems with multipath interference can occur because the signals are so strong they bounce off nearby buildings and other objects, which causes multiple images to appear on your TV screen. With our Attenuator, you can adjust the signal power to minimize multipath interference.

Antennas Direct Variable Attenuator

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